Our Team

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We are a team of dedicated, competent and multilingual lawyers. We are especially familiar with German, Russian and Polish law.

One of our attorneys is each of our clients’ permanent reference person – no matter what legal problem should occur. Internal exchange of expertise among our staff ensures highly profound and creative problem solving.

Our services include extrajucial representation (avoiding lawsuits) as well as judicial representation.

If appropriate and demanded, we collaborate with tax advisers and chartered accountants, architects, independent experts and financial advisers as well as respectable detective agencies to optimize the consultation and representation of our clients.

Moreover, there are special co-operations with law firms in Germany, the Russian Federation, the states of the CIS and the Republic of Poland.

Our memberships in the German Attorney’s Association (DAV), in the German Association of Mid-Cap Companies (MIT) and several other professional associations guarantee our clients representation that reflects today’s development in business, economy and politics.